One Up Building is a construction firm directed and managed by Rick Simmons and Scott Somerville. Rick and Scott have been working together since 1997, and bring a youthful approach and passion for bespoke construction to all their projects. The majority of their extensive experience is in building high quality residential homes, but they have also completed projects in a variety of other fields. In every project they undertake, their emphasis is always on quality and delivery, with an ability to translate the concepts and feel of bespoke design into stunning reality.


The team at One Up Building have a vast range of experience in bespoke and luxury building, and construction management. They have worked in collaboration with a number of design practices and homeowners that reflect in the quality of their homes. With this experience, they provide expert and valuable input regarding unique building solutions and detailing. Our team see ourselves as an essential partner in the planning and management process.


When you work with us, you can be confident of the highest quality build and personalised service every time. We’d love to talk you through your design and our construction philosophies, so get in touch to let us know how we can make your project a reality.




    For the success of a project I see it fundamental to completely understand the expectations from my client. This involves me investing myself in the specific design intent, finishing qualities, material selections, timing and feasibility of each and every project. From this point it is all about communication and a collaboration of effort from all parties, both on and off the construction site. I am always excited about evolving our clients concepts and delivering exceptional homes. I enjoy managing the total process from a macro then working in a micro environment to ensure we achieve our goals.


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    Delivering bespoke homes is a combination of a lot of elements. Understanding design intent is paramount. Working with trades and materials in the construction process requires an expansive knowledge of functionality and performance specific to your environment. I always seek to provide long term solutions where our construction techniques and detailing will stand the test of time whilst ensuring value and enjoyment for our clients for years to come. I receive so much job satisfaction when clients appreciate our mythology and the result in final build product.



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We understand and value the investment made by homeowners when constructing their houses, and therefore our team provides ongoing post-construction maintenance support and advice. On completion of our projects you will receive a responsive maintenance period to ensure that you are settled and your home is functioning and enjoyed as intended. At the end of this period we will provide guidelines for care and maintenance of your dwelling to prolong the integrity of the building and finishes. Should you require it, we also offer a programmed maintenance service for longer-term care.

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One Up Building is particularly selective about the projects that they undertake. This allows us to concentrate on a small number of projects at any one time so that the company directors maintain a personal involvement in every project. Rick heads the overall project management and Scott is responsible for the construction supervision. As a client, you receive constant support and critiques of the project from both Rick and Scott, ensuring that the final build gives you the best possible result with the minimal amount of stress.

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We like to engage with our clients and consultants in the early design stages and assist with the feasibility planning for each project. Our aim is to provide feedback regarding site constraints and to identify solutions that we can implement in the construction process. We also help to evolve the initial ideas of our clients by exploring the design intent, material selections and finishing qualities, as well as understanding any specific requests our clients would like incorporated in the construction process and finished build.

Once we have completed this with you, we will develop a project budget and management system specifically tailored to the requirements of your project. We value transparency highly, and use this opportunity to clearly identify and explain the costs of the project and our fee structure.

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