Build with the right one


Selecting a builder is the biggest single commitment you make when entering into construction of your dream home, so it’s important that you get the right one.

The more informed and better prepared you are, with both your project and your builder, the more likely you will achieve a stress-free build and a home you will love.

Below are 20 helpful tips, as seen in the Grand Designs Handbook, to ask builders when you are considering them for your next project.

1. Can you explain your business structure and how it would benefit our project?

2. What are your current commitments and availability?

3. How many projects do you undertake at the one time and how will this affect our project?

4. How do you complete a cost appraisal and quotation for projects?

5. How does your costing structure compare with other builders, and why?

6. What is included in your project submission and quotation?

7. Do you offer any feedback on site conditions, proposed plans and specifications?

8. Do you have similar completed projects that we could see?

9. Do you have any client and professional referrals we can contact?

10. Do you have any preferred professionals you work with such as engineers and architects?

11. How is the management and administration of the project carried out?

12. What is your onsite supervision, quality assurance and OH&S systems?

13. If I have any questions during the building process, who should I contact?

14. What are my responsibilities?

15. What warranties and guarantees will be provided to me?

16. What is the defect liability period, how long, and what is covered?

17. Do you provide a post construction service such as programmed maintenance?

18. How long has your company been established?

19. Can you provide me a copy of current building license and insurance details?

20. Have you had any home warranty claims for projects you have completed?

Invest time in your pre-construction investigations before you engage a builder since the best projects completed are ones where great relationships have formed and expectations have been exceeded!!