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One Up Building feature as the cover for Grand Designs Australia


When HarperCollinsPublishers Australia was choosing the cover of their latest publication the Grand Designs Australia Handbook, they didn’t have to look too far! The shot selection showcases one of Sydney’s most masterful displays of fine workmanship that was a star feature on Lifestyle Channels – Grand Designs Australia.

Construction firm, One Up Building were responsible for bringing the masterpiece out of the ground, and orchestrating the first ever collaboration with prefabrication in luxury home construction, in the Sydney urban environment.

“This house is a prime example of the quality of our work said Rick Simmons One Up Building’s owner. Yet the end result gives little away to the complexities involved. “The project needed to be coordinated with the clients who were often abroad, the Melbourne-based prefabrication company and Architect, whilst we and of course, the site were based in Sydney.  Making strong communication key, ”Simmons explained.

What set this dwelling apart from most typical builds is the unique design. The design language and material selections from the prefabrication components had to be replicated in the site works and integrated in a way that made the dwelling sit harmoniously in the natural environment.  ”We were not only able to achieve this in the time frame, but meet the client’s expectations on delivery,” Simmons said.

The outstanding home constructed at Clovelly, would typically be a 12-month build project, but thanks to all of the expertise involved in the construction, the project was suitable for occupation in just 5 months.

No project, even if starting with amazing concepts and design can be executed without a quality builder “The client on this project was referred to One Up Building through friends who had recently completed a build and were extremely happy.  That, coupled with One Up Buildings can-do attitude, and strong history of successful projects, set us apart from other choices” Simmons said.

The Grand Designs Australia Handbook featuring the One Up Building’s Clovelly project is on sale now. To Chat to One Up Building about this project or others please contact Rick Simmons on m. 0416 237 502 or e.